Real Estate

Laying the foundations for successful projects
At Realist, our ways of thinking are always realistic. We understand that the foundations of a successful real estate project are created long before the laying of the foundation stone.

That is why we actively enter a project at the early stage of developing and shaping the project concept. We promptly provide our partners with qualitative information regarding market needs and the range of target groups and their elasticity. This allows for the design and development of a project in a way that best meets and exceeds market expectations at the functional, technical and performance level.

We establish our cooperation with clients at the level of a partnered in-house real estate agency, which ensures swifter responsiveness to new market opportunities.
Involvement at all stages
As a partnered in-house real estate agency we provide our clients two key sets of activities:

Strategic advice:
  • assistance with land-planning strategy development, selection of plots and participation in individual projects,
  • infrastructural analytics and advice; searching for market opportunities,
  • continuous analysis of the real estate market and identification of opportunities,
  • support with legal aspects of property development and projects.
Sales and marketing:
  • organisation and performance of sales,
  • carrying out 24/7 viewings in accordance with the ordinances of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning,
  • all of our staff are licensed to perform estate agency transactions,
  • organisation of advertising and marketing,
  • purchase negotiation,
  • advice regarding clients’ financial construction of property purchases,
  • preparation and coordination of purchase/sales agreements in collaboration with your legal services and customers,
  • management of administrative and tax procedures,
  • handover activities and handover to new owners.
Building good stories
We developed the idea of an in-house agency and closer collaboration between the investor and seller from start to finish on the basis of our long-standing experience in real estate. All-round collaboration benefits both the investor and seller and rules out the disadvantages of having only a partial relationship.

"When asking whether a project will be a success, we should really be asking who we are targeting. The earlier we address this question in the project's life cycle, the better its prospect of success."

"The extent to which the project will surpass market expectations always depends upon the extent to which the partners are able to surpass themselves."